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The Easter week is the beginning of the tourist season in Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi coast,
During this week, thousants of tourist are attracted to this area not only for its mild climate and the natural and historical beauties but, also for the famous religious celebrations of the Holy Week.
The Holy Week in the enchanting scenery of the Sorrento Peninsula, from Meta di Sorrento to Massa Lubrense about 20 processions are held, organized by the local confraternities. The most impostant:

The White Procession, held in Sorrento during the night of Thursday, where participants wear white robes and their faces are covered with a huge hood. The procession, according to popular tradition, symbolizes the wandering of the Madonna from catching up to the crucifixion of Jesus, is organized by the Venerable Confraternity of Santa Monica based in the Temple of the Annunciation, through the streets of the town center from 3.00 am to 6.00 am, returning at the dawn of Good Friday.

The second is the Black Procession by Archconfraternity of Death and Prayer, located in the Church of the Servants of Mary, see the officiants hooded and dressed in black and is the culmination of the drama: the crucifixion and death of Christ on earth.

The atmosphere is solemn, all participate in the mourning, everything turns off, you only hear the Miserere of the 200 singers and the funeral march that accompanies every step. It 's the oldest procession of the Sorrento Peninsula and one of the oldest in Italy, at least among those still in vogue.

This religious festival, whose origins date back to the period of the Protestant Reformation (1500), over the centuries has become the most popular shades with lights, colors, banners of the various confraternities and symbols of the Mysteries of the Via Crucis.

The lights go out in the streets and the hooded march at very slow pace and decided mingling with the darkness of the night, barely illuminated by torches and lanterns, and banners, crosses and poignant songs, reminiscent of ancient times and ancient customs that faith is successful to pass down from generation to generation.


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