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House of the Cryptoporticus
Despite theft and slumping, the Great Project of Pompeii goes on:
It has just been completed the restoration of the house of Cryptoporticus
The consolidation and restoration work on the structures of the house is currently under way, alongside conservation work on the walls and vaults. Prior to these interventions, all the walking surfaces of the domus were thoroughly cleaned, while safety measures and suitable protection were provided for all the decorative apparatuses on the walls and floors as well as for the archaeological features appertaining to the house and conserved therein.The House of the Cryptoporticus main entrance is at n° 2, of Via dell’Abbondanza. It was brought to light in various stages, between 1911 and 1914.The house was originally built in the 3rd century BC and by the 2nd century BC it had been extended to include the House of the Sacello Iliaco. After the earthquake that took place in 62, the two atrium-and-peristyle houses were divided and became independent homes once again. The house takes its current name from the cryptoporticus, an underground passageway with openings, running along three sides of the quadrangular south-opening garden. A living room (the oecus) and four thermal bathing rooms (apodyterium, frigidarium, tepidarium and calidarium, the latter being preceded by a praefurnium) open onto it rolex replica. The cryptoporticus originally had barrel and cross vaulted ceilings and the walls of the oecus were decorated with a series of scenes inspired by the Iliad, providing one of the finest examples of Pompeian painting from the final stage of the Second style (era of Augustus). The walls of the four bathing rooms were also painted with exquisite scenic images.


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