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The dreadful and terrible eruption of Vesuvius in 79 a.d. is the exciting shows scheduled throughout the year, the Mav of Herculaneum, the city also destroyed by that dramatic experience. As it known Pompeii was buried by volcanic ash carried by the wind: the lava here came to a lesser extent than in Herculaneum which was completely devastated. However toxic clouds turned silent killer for citizens of Pompeii who meanwhile were to leave the locality, in all sorts of ways: either by land and by sea. The time it takes to, unfortunately, there was and that sad and shocking day remain the beautiful preserved testimonies from the ashes. Today Pompei is one of the archaeological sites and the most visited tourist finds and discoveries made during 19th century excavations. Who made out an unusual profile: like Las Vegas, Pompeii was supposed to be the land where the meshes of Justice and morals is slightly allentavano, a site dedicated to excesses and fun, with thinners and hard atmospheres, like those of the baths, where the passion was his outburst. 

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