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March 1944 was the last eruption of Mount Vesuvius, as if they weren't already enough the horrors of war, on 13 March the volcano began to erupt, marking the passage of the volcano from focus, where the magmatic system was equipped with a power Open duct (duct open when the eruptive vent is in contact with the magma chamber through a volcanic chimney free from debris of whatever origin; the degassing the magma that is always present in depth misses obstacles during its ascent and can freely get out of the crater, favouring the depressurization system), to a State with blocked duct, which is then the situation is at present (a blocked means that the gas that evaporates from the magma and volcanic system that goes, it's not free to get out of the crater and flow into the atmosphereand therefore generates overpressure; It is usually just the excess internal pressure to trigger the explosive eruptions: ultimately the overpressure is the engine of explosion!).
The budget of the 1944 eruption was 26 deaths from the collapse of roofs of buildings, made unstable by large amounts of accumulated ash. In addition, the two countries were partially destroyed by lava flows pass, and were lost harvests for three years, because of the cineritico material that had cloaked the fields. People evacuated due to replica watches the eruption were approximately 12000 and many towns were severely damaged by the fallout of ash and lapilli (such as Terzigno, Pagani, Nocera, Massa e s. Sebastiano).
INGV keeps under control the Vesuvius through observation of geochemical and geophysical parameters, and regular campaigns are carried out by several researchers measure dealing with then you check and interpret the data collected. 

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