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5 homes reopen in Pompeii
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Five buildings will reopen in Pompeii in middle march:

There are the beautiful garden frescoes like that of Venus in the shell  or the refined square marble columns in the Casa Giulia Felice, a Pompeian lady who opened it in his home near the amphitheater kind of Spa antiquity renting his house for events and spas, the domus of Octavius ​​Quartio with poignant frescoes of the double suicide of love of Pyramus and Thisbe and Narciso, which is mirrored in the waters and the rich garden, and the House of the Orchard (closed for many years) and that of Marcus Lucretius via Stabia. The occasion of the reopening will be the exhibition 'Myth and Nature', which will be open from March 15 to Pompeii and the Archaeological Museum of Naples. "With the exhibition Myth and Nature opens a path that starts from the amphitheater, where will be collected all the organic material recovered by archaeologists in excavations, which continues in a series of newly restored homes where they have been rearranged the gardens with statues copies and fittings ". One way to enjoy the charms of the daily life of Pompeii and have the perception of living environments and open spaces of the Roman era. In Villa Imperiale, near the Porta Marina, all the furniture, from beds to the furniture have been rebuilt. 

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