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Duration: 4 hours FROM 9:00AM to 1:00PM or 2:00PM to 6:00PM

From Eur 260,00 plus VAT 10%, and depends by the type of vehicle and pick up location

Included: English speaking driver, fuel, tolls, parking fees and taxes
Not Included:
Entrance fees Eur 11 per person
private guide  Eur 120 (if requested)

The origin of Herculaneum are dated in the 6th century BC. by the Greeks, an ancient tradition connected the name to the Greek hero Hercules. In the year 89 B.C. the town became a Roman municipium and thank's the location became a very important resort town for wealthy Roman families.
On august 24th of the 79AD, the catastophic eruption of mount Vesuvius, buried the town under 20 meters of vulcanic mud. The digs began in Herculaneum in 1738, using the technique of underground tunnels until 1828 when open-air digs were authorized. By 1958, all the area constituting the current archaeological park, was brought to light and contemporary restored. It was long thought that nearly all of the inhabitants managed to escape because initial excavations revealed only a few skeletons. Only in 1982, when the excavations reached the beach area, this view changed. In a few boats archaeologists discovered 250 skeletons.

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