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Duration: 8-9 hours

Pick up at your location around 8:00AM or earlier.
The cost for the service depends by the vehicle, the distance and pick up location

Are you planning on visiting Italy and would like to lern more about your Italian family ?????
Millions of people, expecialy in Northern and Southern America have Italian blood in their veins.
Infat, in the mid-1800s began the emigration of Italians to the south and north america.
Argentina and Venezuela first, then Canada and United States later.  
Many of them were poor peasants or artisans from small towns in southern Italy. Today, many of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are interested in the research the ancient roots of the family, wishing to visit the native town of their ancestors, possibly walking the same streets and see the house where they were born and lived.  Maybe even to meet a distant relative. If you are interested in discovering where your ansisters lived, the Church where they were Baptized and the street where they were born, the most important imformations that you should provide us, is the name of the town where they came from, their Italian surname and the year they where born .
Everything else is my Job !
it is important that time before your arrival, you provide me all the details so, that I can start looking at the local registry office and avoid that maybe the day of our visit the person assigned to the archive is not available.
Our driver will be at your disposal for all the research that must be made to the municipality or to the Church to track down all the possible info.

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