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Duration: 8-9 hours
From Eur 360,00 plus VAT 10% and depends by the type of vehicle and pick up location

Included: English speaking driver, fuel, tolls parking fees and taxes
Not included: entrance fees, private guides, and lunch
Entrance fees in Pompei    Eur 11 per person
Private guide in Pompei     Eur 120 (if requested)

Sorrento is a famous holiday resort, it stands on a terrace at 200 Ft above the sea level, in one of the most spectacular point in the gulf of Naples. Because of its enchanting position and mild climate, Sorrento had been a favorite resort since the Roman times. A nice walk through the alley-streets or the main square, gives you the opportunity to see the numerous shops selling lace, Embroidery and inlaid woodwork for which the town is famous. Leaving Sorrento and after few km we start to drive along the Amalfi coast and in about 45 minutes we reach Positano

Positano si one of the most fashionable seaside towns in Italy, artists, and then tourists, have been attracted to this delightful town, where the characteristic white houses and luxuriant gardens, descend in steps to the clear sea Probably the best description of the town was made by John Steinbeck in his first trip to this town: It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. Its houses climb a hill so steep it would be a cliff except that stairs are cut in it. I believe that whereas most house foundations are vertical, in Positano they are horizontal. The small curving bay of unbelievably blue and green water laps gently on a beach of small pebbles. There is only one narrow street and it does not come down to the water. Everything else is stairs, some of them as steep as ladders. You do not walk to visit a friend, you either climb or slide.

Pompei was founded by Greek colonist called OSCANS, in around the 6th centuries BC. In the 5th century it went under the Samnite control and is during this time that it got a remarkable growth, forming the historical centre whose remains are still visible. A few centuries later, Rome had begun its gradual advance towards south Italy, and in the 80 BC, the city became a Roman Colony, with name CORNELIA VENERIA POMPEII. Under the Romans, the city continued to expand and develop in every sector. All the activities linked to trade and maritime traffic, that increased the prestige and the prosperity of the city. On august 24thof the year 79 AD, the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried the city under 6 meters of ash and lapilli (24 feet). The inhabitants, who for the most part went in the direction of the coast, were suffocated by the fumes and gases, others met death in their own homes.After the ash covered the city, it was abandoned and even the name and locations were forgotten. Only in early 1600 accidently they finded the ruins of this city, the excavations started in 1748 and up today, the 2/3 of the city is been excavated. Today, Pompei is considered the most important archaeological site in Europe, with approximately 3 milion visitors a year.

Official guide is suggested and available on request.


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