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Duration: 8-9 hours

From Eur 360,00 plus VAT 10% and depends by the type of vehicle and pick up location


English speaking driver, fuel, tolls parking fees and taxes

Not included:
entrance fees in Pompeii Eur 11 per person
private guides in Pompei Eur 120 (if requested)

The coastline that runs along the southern shore of Sorrento peninsula is known as the famous Amalfi Coast. 60 Km of a very winding route, dramatic coastline and home to some of the most beautiful towns in Europe, as: POSITANO AMALFI AND RAVELLO. The coastline start from the hills above Sorrento to Vietri sul mare, all along the gulf of Salerno, offering to the visitors always different views, as: little islands, fishing villages, Saracen towers and wonderful landscape. The entire coastline is very steep, the road was builted high up above the clear sea, offering what is considered the most breathtaking drive in the Mediterranean sea. The highlight is the drive along the scenic coastline and the opportunity to visit the towns of POSITANO, AMALFI AND RAVELLO, spendig one hour or more in each one of these towns, to see same of the architectural and artistic works of great significance. From Amalfi or Ravello in about one hour drive we get to Pompei

At dawn on August 24th of the year 79AC appeared on top of mounth Vesuvius a large cloud shaped like a pine tree. During the morning hours the pressure of gas inside the volcano blew off the cap of the solidified lava that bloched the top of the volcano. A rain of ash and lapilli railed on Pompeii. Between terrible earthquakes and gas fumes, the city became a graveyard of people and animals, For centuries, the city remained buried under a blanket of over 6 meters of ash and lapilli. The death of the inhabitants was caused by collapses and dale fumes that hit even those who had taken refuge at the port and the sea.
Pompei was founded by Greek colonist called OSCANS, in around the 6th centuries BC. In the 5th century it went under the Samnite control and is during this time that it got a remarkable growth, forming the historical centre whose remains are still visible. A few centuries later, Rome had begun its gradual advance towards south Italy, and in the 80 BC, the city became a Roman Colony, with name CORNELIA VENERIA POMPEII. Under the Romans, the city continued to expand and develop in every sector. All the activities linked to trade and maritime traffic, that increased the prestige and the prosperity of the city. On august 24thof the year 79 AD, the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried the city under 6 meters of ash and lapilli (24 feet). The inhabitants, who for the most part went in the direction of the coast, were suffocated by the fumes and gases, others met death in their own homes.After the ash covered the city, it was abandoned and even the name and locations were forgotten. Only in early 1600 accidently they finded the ruins of this city, the excavations started in 1748 and up today, the 2/3 of the city is been excavated. Today, Pompei is considered the most important archaeological site in Europe, with approximately 3 milion visitors a year. 


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